How Long Does Wool Last?

Sheep in a FieldFor some, buying a wool comforter can be seen as an investment. Organic wool is a highly regarded fibre that is rarely taken for granted. This fact, along with our customers love of their new wool comforter, mattress pad or pillow, impels them to ask: How long will my wool products last? We have good news: with a little effort your wool product can be handed down to your grandchildren!

Wool fiber is so resilient and elastic that it can be bent over 30,000 times without any damage or danger of breaking. Even a wool suit, something that is repeatedly bent and exposed to the elements, can last 20 or 30 years if properly-treated.

How can you ensure that your wool is “properly treated”? You can start by making sure you read our care information when you first purchase our products. Our wool bedding care pamphlet contains information on how to properly treat your wool bedding products without the use of chemicals. Chemicals are not only bad for you and the environment, but they can damage the wool.

Being exposed to excessive heat can also damage wool, so it’s good to keep this in mind. Remember though, it’s ability to resist extreme heat is still better than most fabrics. It’s capability to protect from fire is so well known, that it has been consistently recommended for firemen and soldiers throughout the years.

Using an organic cotton pillow case, duvet cover and sheet set will contribute to the longevity of your wool products. Be sure to fix or replace these if they develop a rip so that this doesn’t create an opportunity for your wool product to get damaged.

Wondering about how long our wool dryer snow balls will last? Just ask around! There are many real-life examples of people who for years have been using the same wool dryer snow balls for years, on a daily basis, without any problem.

When you invest in the quality that wool provides, it’s an investment that can last a lifetime. Wool products are a good investment financially, add to your health, and promote overall well-being. That’s why wool is our fabric of choice!

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